Monday, June 24, 2013


I have made a few steampunk styled things over the last decade or so, the first thing I ever consciously built as a specific steampunk device was this working computer.

Building this was fun, it challenged me to use materials in new ways, learn electronics and learn more about steampunk. Since building the computer, I have built about a dozen ray guns, other scientific devices, iPod players, rocket packs, goggles and stuff. 

The latest and biggest steampunk themed item I built was this.

This took me back to my set design and construction roots. A giant machine (about 5m tall and 3m wide)on stage for a theatrical production of 'The Woman in Black'. I worked on this with my dad and another talented artist Caleb Heinselman. It is a timber carcass fitted with found objects (lots of gauges). We had steam shooting from cracks in the pipes, working levers, a glowing fire in the grate and plasma lightning on the round white screen on the right of the unit. I guess this piece epitomised steampunk for me - theatrical, entertaining and atmospheric.

So right now I have two items on tour around Australia as part of the 'Antipodean Steampunk Show', and around 30 pieces in private collections. Don't know what I will make next, I have got a little lazy since building the set piece. I guess I am waiting for some steampunk inspiration.  

I would like to do a store interior though.

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