Saturday, August 3, 2013

Happy fun times - the BSA begins

I picked up my new project today - it starts with a 1937 BSA hard tail frame and girder fork front end, and hopefully a 350 engine at a later stage (that's a 250 in the photo).

This one will be a real spartan build, no bling, no paint, no shine - more of a 'rustoration' project.

Here's what I have to start with...

The box contains the gearbox, the rest is as you see it. The rear wheel has never been used on a bike before - so a bit of a bonus. The engine is now soaking in lubricant in the hope the piston frees up and I can get the head off. I will restore the 250 as a practice run whilst I search for a 350 to replace it.

This one will be fun, a bit steampunk, a bit dieselpunk and a bit ratty.

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