Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Technical difficulties

Just as I am building my confidence in the bike I built, it does something to have me doubting the bike and my mechanical aptitude.

This morning's ride effort lasted approximately five hundred metres before the bike decided that no amount of throttle was going to produce the required acceleration, this became more challenging as the bike refused to travel at any more than walking pace in first gear as I abruptly turned for home.

I have parked the bike at home (with one extremely hot left hand side exhaust) and I will commence diagnosis on the weekend. Early indications with the Facebook crowd from MCR is that I may have a blocked fuel line and consequently be running very lean (hence the heat) in one cylinder.

Hopefully this is the case, as a blocked fuel line and a possible cleaning of fuel jets is something I can do.

End of the day - I will fix the problem and end up more confident of my own skills and the bikes performance, remember, this is a journey.

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